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Artist List-T
artist title label year price stock
Talia Paul Light Will Come self-released 2002 \2400  
Tara Angell Come Down Temple Drake Music 2003 \2500  
Tara Jane O'Neil You Sound, Reflect P-Vine 2004 \2415  
Tara Jane O'Neil Bones Preservation Music 2004 \2200  
Teratoma (Bruce Hughes) Prozac Daiquiri Broke-Dick Records 2001 \2000
Teratoma (Bruce Hughes) Hair Skin Teeth Broke-Dick Records 1994 \2000  
Tarbox Ramblers A Fix Back East Rounder 2004 \2300  
Teddy Thompson Separate Ways Verve 2006 \2500  
Teddy Thompson Blunderbuss self-released 2004 \1800  
Texas Tornados Live from Austin, TX (CD) New West 2005 \2200  
Texas Trumpets, The Texas Trumpets, The(国内盤) Buffalo Records 2000 \2500  
Thad Cockrell Stack of Dreams Miles of Music 2001 \2400  
Thorns, The The Thorns Aware Records/Columbia 2003 \2200  
Tift Merritt Home is Loud self-released 2005 \2600  
Tift Merritt Tambourine Lost Highway 2004 \2500  
Tift Merritt Bramble Rose Lost Highway 2002 \2500  
Tim Carroll Always Tomorrow Sideburn Records 2002 \2500  
Tim Carroll Good Rock From Bad(国内盤) Buffalo Records 2002 \2500  
Tim Easton Since 1966 / Volume 1 self-released 2011 \1600
Tim Easton & The Freelan Barons Beat The Band self-released 2011 \1600
Tim Easton Porcupine New West 2009 \2000
Tim Easton Live at Water Canyon New Moon Records 2008 \2000  
Tim Easton Ammunition New West 2006 \2000
Tim Easton Break Your Mother's Heart New West 2003 \2000
Tim Easton The Truth About Us New West 2001 \2000
Tim Easton Special 20 New West 1999 \2000
Tin Hat Trio Book of Silk P-Vine 2004 \2415  
Todd Widell Late Night Saturday self-released 2003 \2200  
Tom Freund The Edge of Venice (日本仕様盤) BSMF Records 2011 \2300
Tom Freund Collapsible Plans (日本仕様盤) Shaniatrek 2008 \2500
Tom Freund and friends Hug Trees self-released 2007 \2000
Tom Freund X-mas in Texas (4 songs EP) Surf Road Records 2007 \1000  
Tom Freund and Co. Sweet Affection Surf Road Records 2005 \2000
Tom Freund Copper Moon Surf Road Records 2004 \2000
Tom Freund Sympatico Surf Road Records 2003 \2000
Tom Freund North American Long Weekend Surf Road Records 2002 \2000
Tom Freund L.A. Fundamentalist Music Surf Road Records 2000 \1900  
Tom Heyman Boarding House Rules Innerstate 2000 \2500  
Tom Jessen Night Trocadero Records 2002 \2200  
Toni Price Born To Be Blue Texas Music Group 2003 \2200  
Tony Gilkyson Goodbye Guitar Rolling Sea Records 2006 \2500  
Tony Joe White Live from Austin, TX New West 2006 \2200  
Torch Before the Night is Over (国内盤) Buffalo Records 2005 \2500  
TorCH Sounds for Staying Home(国内盤) Buffalo Records 2003 \2500  
Townes Van Zandt A Gentle Evening With Townes Van Zandt Dualtone 2002 \2200  
Tracker Polk FILMguerrero 2002 \2400  
Trailer Bride Hope is a Thing with Feathers Bloodshot Records 2003 \2200  
Trailer Bride High Seas Bloodshot Records 2001 \2200  
Trailer Bride Whine De Lune Bloodshot Records 1999 \1000
Trailer Bride Smelling Salts Bloodshot Records 1998 \2200  
Trailer Bride Trailer Bride Walt Records 1996 \2400  
Transmissionary Six Transmissionary Six FILMguerrero 2002 \2300  
Tres Chicas Sweetwater Yep Roc 2004 \2500  
Troy Campbell Long In The Sun M-Ray Records 2006 \2000
Troy Campbell American Breakdown Loudhouse 2002 \2000
Troy Young Campbell Man Vs. Beast M-Ray Records 1999 \2000  
Troy Campbell Humble Time! -The Songwriters Radio Showcase- Humble Time 2005 \2000
Tucker Livingston Tucker Livingston Austin Music Foundation 2004 \1800  
Two Cow Garage Please Turn The Gas Back On Shelterhouse 2002 \2200  
Two Dollar Pistols You Ruined Everything Yep Roc 2002 \2500  
Two Hoots and a Holler Songs Our Vinyl Taught Us self-released 2002 \2200


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Goatee GoateeDistribution New&Upcoming Recommended Clearance&Used Buffalo wind bell Music Home