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Artist List-D
artist title label year price stock
Daddy At The Women's Club Ceder Creek Music 2005 \2400  
Damn Lovelys, The Trouble Creek self-released 2003 \2400  
Damnations Where It Lands Joy-Ride 2002 \2600  
Damon Bramblett Damon Bramblett Munich Records 2000 \2200  
Dan Baird Out of Mothballs Jerkin' Crocus 2003 \2400  
Dan Baird Redneck Savant (live) Blue Buffalo 2001 \2700  
Dan Zanes Parades and Panoramas: 25 Songs Collected by Carl Sandburg for the American Songbag Festival Five Records 2004 \2500  
Dana Falconberry Paper Sailboat self-released 2006 \1000
Daniel Johnston Lost and Found P-Vine 2006 \2415  
V.A. / Daniel Johnston The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered, Covered P-Vine 2004 \2730  
Daniel Littleton Nobody's Fault But Mine / Down By The Riverside Last Affair Records 2005 \2400  
Daniel Littleton & Tara Jane Oneil Music For A Meteor Shower(国内盤) Saidera 2002 \2310  
Danny Barnes Minor Dings Cavity Search 2000 \2400  
Dao Strom Send Me Home self-released 2004 \2000  
Darden Smith Sunflower Dualtone 2002 \2000  
Daryl Scairiot Essays Scorpiolovesongs 2006 \1800  
Daryl Scairiot Saint Rose Parish Scorpiolovesongs 2004 \2300  
Datri Bean Slow Down Summertime(国内盤) Buffalo Records 2006 \2500  
Dave Alvin Live from Austin TX New West 2007 \2200  
Dave Biller LeRoy's Swing(国内盤) Buffalo Records 2003 \2500  
Dave Derby Dave Derby and The Norfolk Downs Reveal Records 2007 \2300  
Dave Derby Even Further Behind Badman 2003 \2500  
Dave Gleason's Wasted Days Midnight, California Well Worn Records 2004 \2400  
Dave Gleason's Wasted Days Dave Gleason's Wasted Days Well Worn Records 2002 \2500  
Dave Hanley Gifthorse self-released 2005 \1800
Dave Knudsen The Weeping City Boronda Records 2005 \2100  
Dave Olson #80 Stumble And Fall 2002 \2300  
David Dondero Shooting At The Sun With A Water Gun,, Future Farmer 2001 \2500  
David Smith Fastest Machine self-released 2004 \2300  
David Zollo The Big Night Trailer 2002 \2500  
Deadman Paramour Lakeshore Records 2002 \2400
Deadnecks, The What Was I Thinking? Klow Records 2002 \2400  
Dead End Angels November Down Time Records 2003 \2400  
Deanna Varagona Trio, The The Goodbyes Have Been Taken Gadfly Records 2003 \2500  
Deanna Varagona Tangled Messages Star Star Stereo 2000 \2500  
Del Rey X-Rey Guitar Hobemian Records 2000 \2400  
Denison Witmer Are You A Dreamer? The Militia Group 2005 \2500  
Denison Witmer Recovered Fugitive Recordings 2003 \2500  
Denison Witmer Philadelphia Songs Burnt Toast Vinyl 2002 \2500  
Denison Witmer Of Joy & Sorrow Burnt Toast Vinyl   \2500  
Devendra Banhart Cripple Crow XL Recordings 2005 \2500  
Devil in a Woodpile Devil in a Woodpile Bloodshot Records 1998 \2200
Devil in a Woodpile Division Street Bloodshot Records 2000 \2200  
Devil in a Woodpile In Your Lonesome Town Bloodshot Records 2005 \2100
Diana Darby Fantasia Ball Delmore Recordings 2003 \2400  
Diego's Umbrella Viva La Juerga self-released 2007 \2000
Dirtball Turn Up The Barn Planetary Records 1999 \2300  
Dirtmusic Dirtmusic Glitterhouse 2007 \2200  
Dollar Store Dollar Store Bloodshot Records 2004 \1500
Dolly Varden Forgiven Now Undertow 2002 \2400  
Dolorean You Can't Win Yep Roc 2007 \2400  
Dolorean Violence in the Snowy Fields Yep Roc 2004 \2400  
Dolorean Not Exotic Yep Roc 2003 \2400  
Doug Martsch(Built To Spill) Now You Know Warner Bros. 2002 \2700  
Drams, The Jubilee Dive New West 2006 \2100  
Drew Young No Good at Being Cool CS Music 2001 \2100  
Drive-By Truckers Brighter Than Creation's Dark New West 2008 \2100
Drive-By Truckers A Blessing and A Curse New West 2006 \2100  
Drive-By truckers The Dirty South New West 2004 \2100  
Drive-By truckers Decoration Day New West 2003 \2100
Duane Jarvis Delicious Blue Buffalo 2003 \2400  
Dylan-Thomas Vance Bittersweet Triple M Records 2003 \2000  


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