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Artist List-B
artist title label year price stock
Band Of... Blacky Ranchette, The Still Lookin' Good To Me Thrill Jockey 2003 \2500  
Band of Heathens, The One Foot in The Ether self-released 2009 \2000  
Band of Heathens, The Live at The Blue Rose Christmas Party 2008 Blue Rose 2009 \3000  
Band of Heathens, The The Band of Heathens self-released 2008 \2000
Band of Heathens, The Live at Antone's (DVD/CD) self-released 2007 \2300  
Band of Heathens, The Live from Momo's Fat Caddy Records 2006 \2000
Beau Prie(D.Sickmen of Hackensaw Boys) In and Out of Weeks self-released 2000 \2300
Becca Sutlive One Bedroom Apartment Mudfence Music 2003 \1900  
Be Good Tanyas, The Blue Horse Nettwerk America 2001 \2500  
Be Good Tanyas, The Chinatown Nettwerk America 2003 \2500  
Beachwood Sparks Make The Cowboy Robots Cry(6songs EP) Sub Pop 2002 \1900  
Beachwood Sparks Once We Were Trees Sub Pop 2001 \2500  
Beachwood Sparks Beachwood Sparks Sub Pop 2000 \2300  
Beaver Nelson  Macro/Micro  Freedom Records  2012  \1800  有 
Beaver Nelson Exciting Oppotunity Freedom Records 2007 \2000  
Beaver Nelson Motion Freedom Records 2004 \2000  
Beaver Nelson Legends Of The Super Heroes Freedom Records 2002 \2000  
Beaver Nelson Undisturbed Black Dog Records 2001 \2000  
Beaver Nelson Little Brother Black Dog Records 2000 \2000  
Beaver Nelson The Last Hurrah Freedom Records 1998 \2000  
Believers, The Crashyertown Bona Fide Recordings 2005 \2300
Believers, The Row Baptism By Fire 2002 \2400  
Ben Arnold Calico SCI Fidelity 2004 \2400  
Ben Lee Awake Is The New Sleep New West 2005 \1600
Ben Taylor Band, The Famous among the barns Iris Records 2003 \2400  
Benji Hughes A Love Extreme (2CD) New West 2008 \2400
Big Star In Space Rykodisc 2005 \2500  
Bill Ricchini Ordinary Time Megaforce Records 2002 \2300  
Billy Bragg & Wilco Mermaid Avenue Elektra 1998 \2800  
Billy Bragg & Wilco Mermaid Avenue Vol.2 Elektra 2000 \2800  
Bing Bang Boys I'm Feelin' Good Rubinchik 2002 \2400  
Bingo (Kevin Richey) The Cicada and Other Stories Cravedog 2003 \2200  
Birdie Morning Kills The Dark Pop Up Records 2005 \2200  
Black Water Gospel Black Water Gospel Fat Caddy Records 2005 \2400  
Blacks, The Just Like Home Bloodshot Records 2000 \2200  
Blacks, The Dolly Horrorshow Bloodshot Records 1998 \2100  
Blaze Foley Oval Room Lost Art Records 2004 \2100  
Blue Mountain Roots Black Dog Records 2001 \2400  
Blue Seeds, The The Blue Seeds Sale Cabot Music 2005 \1500  
Bluff City Backsliders Bluff City Backsliders Yellow Dog Records 2002 \2000
Bo Ramsey Stranger Blue self-released 2006 \2200  
Bob Egan The Promise GarCorps 2002 \2400  
Bob Schneider The Californian Shockorama Records 2006 \2400  
Bob Schneider I'm Good Now (日本盤) Buffalo Records 2005 \2500  
Bob Schneider The Galaxy Kings Shockorama Records 2002 \2400
Bobby Bare Jr. from the end of your leash Bloodshot Records 2004 \2200
Bobby Bare Jr. OK - I'm Sorry ep Bloodshot Records 2003 \1900  
Bobby Bare Jr. Young Criminal Starvation League Bloodshot Records 2002 \2200  
Bones Who Stole Fun? C Student Records 2003 \2400  
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney Superwolf P-Vine 2005 \2415  
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Sings Greatest Palace Music P-Vine 2004 \2520  
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Master and Everyone P-Vine 2003 \2415  
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Ease Down The Road P-Vine 2001 \2520  
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy I See a Darkness P-Vine 1999 \2415  
Boris & The Saltlicks Cactusman versus The Blue Demon Frogville Records 2006 \2200  
Boris McCutcheon When We Were Big Cactusman 2003 \2400  
Bottle Rockets Blue Sky Sanctuary 2003 \2400  
Bottle Rockets, The Songs Of Sahm Bloodshot Records 2002 \2300  
Bowerbirds Hymns for a Dark Horse self-released 2007 \1800
Boxcar Preachers Spindletop Strike! self-released 2002 \2300  
BR549 Dog Days(日本仕様盤) Buffalo 2006 \2300  
Brian Sendrowitz When It Comes on Like a Dream self-released 2004 \2200  
Brother James & The Choir
(Korey Simeone, ex,Asylum Street Spankers)
Cradle Me Kilimanjaro Publishing 2004 \2200  
Bruce Hughes & The All Nude Army BHANA (Live盤) Freedom 2010 \2000
Bruce Hughes Shorty (日本仕様盤) Goatee 2008 \2310
Bruce Hughes Bluebird (日本仕様盤) Goatee 2006 \2310
Bruce Robison Country Sunshine Boars Nest Records 2001 \2100  
Bruce Robison Bruce Robison Vireo Records 1995 \2000
Buddy Miller's The Majestic Silver Strings  Buddy Miller's The Majestic Silver Strings (with bonus DVD)  New West  2011  \2200  有 
Buddy & Julie Miller Written In Chalk New West 2009 \2000  
Buddy Miller Universal United House of Prayer New West 2004 \2100
Buddy Miller Midnight And Lonesome Hightone 2002 \2500  
Buckworth Thingsfoundwalkinwithyerheaddown Silent John Records 2006 \2300  
Buffalo Tom Three Easy Pieces New Wst 2007 \2200
Buick MacKane (Alejandro Escovedo) The Pawn Shop Years (re-issue) Rykodisc 2003 \2500  


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